My name is Brett.

I am a UI and front-end web developer.
I also enjoy distance running, climbing, cooking, gardening and craft beer.

2016 Racing Schedule

With the exception of Run Rabbit Run, all of my races in 2016 will be ones that I have previously ran. The goal is to P.R. every race prior to the RRR100 as confidence-boosters. Following is the schedule along with my current best times.

  • 02/13/16: Moab Red Hot 33k (3:20:52) – beautiful course, ran the race first in 2014
  • 04/23/16: Cedro Peak 45k (5:39:34) – third year in a row, but paced my wife last year for her first ultra
  • 05/21/16: Jemez Mts. 50M (13:46:46) – third year in a row also, but only one finish due to the blizzard in 2014
  • 08/20/16: Devil Mountain 50k (6:48:51) – 4 years ago this was my first ultra!
  • 09/16/16: Run Rabbit Run 100M – obviously the main focus race of the year

Improving all of these times should not be too difficult. I don’t feel like I hit the peak of my potential in any of them, and Jemez especially felt like a bomb. My time at the Deadman Peaks 50M later in the year was more than an hour faster, with much less training.

Every time I look at my schedule, FOMO kicks in a bit and I want to sign-up for more races and/or new-to-me races. Then, I take a deep breath and remember my plan. I’m writing this during the last full week of January and I don’t think I’ve ever been as fit as I am now at this point in the year. Staying smart in training and staying healthy in body and mind will be the main focus points for the next ~200 days.