Goals List

Main 2017 Goals:

  • Read 104 books (52 fiction and 52 non-fiction).
  • Raise all trained lifts to intermediate level for my weight class. Deadlift, overhead press and pull-ups already are there, just need to raise my back squat, bench press and row. Once completed I will probably try for the 1000 club.
  • Have Duolingo Spanish fluency at 75%.
  • Continue to do yoga nearly every day. (Not really a S.M.A.R.T. goal, but I’d prefer to not try and quantify this since I’m already consistent with my practice).
  • Commute to work by bike all year, at least enough to remove the need for a second car.

Long-Term Goals:

Completed Goals:

  • Learn all power-lifting lifts and raise my totals to the novice level.